Traveling for a Modeling Job? 10 Must-Have Essentials


Maybe it’s not your first modeling job traveling to a runway show in New York, a trade show in Las Vegasor a photo shoot in Chicago, but a must-have check-list of things to bring can certainly cut-down on packing time and endlessly pulling things out of your closet before a trip.  For models about to head out of town, it’s important to have the following items on hand to ensure a flawless job with professional results.


Accessories are a Must for Any Type of Modeling Job


  1. Shoes – Think conservative and black – if it’s Summer, closed-toe pumps or peep toe are appropriate, for Winter, simple black boots. The client may or may not have shoe-wear available for you, so it is best to bring a couple of neutral pairs that will go with a variety of outfits. If you’re working as a trade show model, a couple pairs of comfortable black heels will work. Those walking the runway may want to bring a couple of trendy pairs in gold or silver along with the classic nude and black.
  2. Personal Accessories – You never know what kind of weather a day will bring, and if you are traveling to another state or country, you better be protected from the elements. In the Winter pack a scarf and loose-fitting jacket such as a cape. The extra layer will provide warmth, but the loose drape will ensure the clothes you model are not getting crushed. Protect your hair and makeup in the summer with shades and a broad-brimmed hat. Bring a belt in both black and brown, just in case the slacks you model happen to be a size too big. A pack of safety pins in assorted sizes along with a small sewing kit may help you fit into a uniform or outfit that is too big or small for your size.

  3. Simple Jewelry – You may like all turquoise jewelry, or only pieces done in rose gold, but when you head out to a gig, it’s a good idea to bring along a few simple sets of jewelry in gold and silver. A pair of demure earrings, a statement ring, necklace, and bracelet in each metallic hue may save a designer in a pinch. Trade show models may do well with a pair of simple silver or gold studs, and possibly a signature item such as a ring or ankle bracelet. It may not even be needed, but the prepared model, is the model that is hired again.

Look Your Fashion Model Best


  1. Makeup – Yes, yes, they will change your makeup  to what looks best for the camera, but in the off chance that the artist runs low on something, or if you have an allergic reaction to specific brands, it’s a good idea to bring the basics (foundation, mascara, black eyeliner, lip gloss) with you. Throw them in a travel bag and pack a compact mirror and you’re good to go.

  2. Body Hygiene Products – Sweat a lot? Deodorant’s a given, but consider bringing some soft talc powder to absorb the extra moisture where you perspire. This will especially help runway models before walking out to the audience. Worried about your eyes drying out under the set lights? Pack a bottle of Visine. Set designers don’t offer everything for models, and for your own comfort and health, include moisturizers for your body and face, chap stick, make-up remover, and a pair of tweezers.
  3. Undergarments – Your undergarments are an integral piece to the success of your modeling gig, so choose them carefully. Your underclothing should never be visible through your outfit and your body should be a smooth contour to effectively display the clothes you are wearing. A seamless, convertible bra in both black and nude, along with matching underwear allow the clothes and not your underwear to show through. Avoid prints at all costs.
  4. Nail Kit – It’s Murphy’s Law, you’ve had a mani/pedi before you got to the set, but as soon as you arrive a nail breaks. There won’t be time for you to go out to get the damaged nail fixed, but a pro fashion model has an emergency nail kit complete with manicuring tools and a nude or pale pink polish to correct such issues. A photo can be ruined with one bad nail, and may take editing on the photographers end to correct. Be prepared.

Finish Your Modeling Gig with the Right Essentials


  1. Water Bottle – Get a large BPA-free Nalgene water bottle, fill it up and bring it along. Hydration is the key to great skin. On-location sets could be hot and dry; you may end up spending many more hours than the typical working day trying to capture the right look for a product. Grab a Lara bar, a packet of nuts, or a granola bar to keep your blood sugar from dropping.
  2. Large Handbag – Yeah, you are going to need a good sized bag for all this stuff. Thankfully, you already thought of that and brought a large handbag along with your carryon so you can keep your must-have essentials organized. Remember, you’re only allowed to take one personal item on a plane (such as a purse) and one carryon. Save time by avoiding a long wait at the baggage claim, and the possibility of your baggage getting lost!
  3. Business Cards/Comp Cards – The shoot was a smashing success, all catastrophes were averted, and the photographer/designer loved, loved your reaction to the camera. How can they contact you for another modeling gig next month? You better have a stack of business cards ready and available. Fashion models or any kind of model should always have a few cards on them for networking opportunities. In addition to business cards, have a couple copies of your comp card available so clients have something to remember. Seize the opportunity.

Model Machine Models Always Look Sharp


Clients and photographers enjoy working with professional models that take care of themselves; this list ensures that you look your best on the job and off.  Pack the essentials, leave the cell-phone in your bag while on the set, and of course, always bring your smile.


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