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Orlando Trade Show Models

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Maximize your brand’s potential with the finest Orlando Trade Show Models, from Model Machine. As one of the nation’s premier experiential talent and marketing agencies, we will help you take advantage of the tremendous opportunity a trade show presents. All of our models are highly-skilled professionals with the beauty, charm, and business savvy to drive traffic to your booth and create buzz on the convention room floor. We’ve done it for many of the world’s most prestigious brands, and would be honored to do it for you.  Please check out Model Machine TV for footage of Model Machine’s beautiful trade show models in Orlando.


Model Machine is a licensed, insured talent agency specializing in providing premium trade show models to the finest brands in the world. Every one of our Orlando trade show models has been hand-selected from thousands of candidates across North America. They represent the top 1% of 1% for their field, possessing that rare combination of alluring looks, polished demeanor, and engaging personality. We hold such high standards for our trade show models because we understand how hectic that environment can be. If you have a booth on the busy floor of the Orange County Convention Center, you can’t afford to have talent who can’t handle the stress. You need poised, charming trade show models who can represent your brand with class and bring an upscale presence to your booth. This is what potential customers respond to, what gets you noticed and remembered. And it’s exactly what you get from Model Machine.


Our Orlando trade show models represent an array of dynamic backgrounds and can fill a variety of different roles – product demonstrator, booth attendant, corporate presenter, costumed talent, and more. Many are multilingual and can even serve as translators on request. Just let us know your needs and we’ll be happy to find you the talent that’s right for you.


To book with Model Machine, simply:
1. Call (866) 699-9689. We’ll quote you.
2. Look through our extensive database of Orlando trade show models. If you’d like to conduct an interview, we’ll arrange a private video conference with any model you choose.
3. Make your final selection.

We provide all our clients with a total turnkey staffing experience, so once you book, you can leave the rest to us.

So give us a call today. And find out why the world’s finest brands use Model Machine for their Orlando trade show models.
Orlando Trade Show Models | Model Machine Modeling Agency

Quote Request |  Model Application  

Toll Free: 866-699-9686  |  Local in Orlando:  407-956-5440

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