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Increase your brand’s visibility with premium Atlanta Promotional Models from Model Machine. As the preferred talent agency for the world’s leading brands, we deliver a world-class staffing experience like no other. We can cover all your events – conventions, launch parties, private gatherings, corporate events, and more. Just let us know your needs and we will provide you with the most beautiful, talented, and experienced promotional models in all of Atlanta.


The first thing that sets Model Machine apart is our level of talent. While you can find stunning models at other agencies, at Model Machine, that’s all you’ll find. We ensure this by holding our models to the most rigorous standards in the entire industry. Before being selected to our team, all applicants are meticulously screened for facial symmetry, skin radiance, physical fitness, and more. Because while quality talent may get you noticed, premium talent will get you remembered – a key differentiator that leads to higher conversions and greater customer loyalty.


At Model Machine, our Atlanta promotional models hail from a diverse range of backgrounds and possess a variety of dynamic skills. They can perform virtually any task: product demonstrator, booth attendant, corporate presenter, costumed talent, bartender, host/hostess, crowd-gatherer, and more. We even have multilingual models who can serve as translators upon request. Just tell us your needs and we’ll find you the perfect talent for you.


Quote Request |  Model Application  

Toll Free: 866-699-9686  |  Local in Atlanta:  678-515-1665

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